First American Legal Collections

Our Motto: "Because you'll never know if there was blood until you have crushed the turnip."

Welcome to First Asset Liquidation Corporation! We are a judgment enforcement company that specializes in the collection of judgments in California against difficult debtors and against debtors who have implemented asset protection plans. We are not afraid to take on debtors who are litigious or who attempt to hide behind family limited partnerships or asset protection trusts. We are not afraid to take on debtors who threaten bankruptcy, and are prepared to pursue our enforcement in bankruptcy court as necessary.

We do not provide collection services for a fee. Instead, we purchase judgments for collection, with the most usual purchase involving a deferred payment for some percentage of the collection when the collection is made. This arrangement gives us greater latitude to pursue the fullest range of collection strategies and tactics, and also shields the original creditor from any liability for our actions.

We do not typically accept the assignment of collection cases arising from typical consumer credit judgments, such as those arising from credit card transactions, etc. The minimum judgment that we will consider pursuing is $100,000. We typically will not accept the assignment of a judgment that is older than 8 years. We absolutely do not accept unliquidated cases, i.e., cases that have not yet been reduced to a final judgment.

You may contact First American Legal Collections only through our attorney, Jay D. Adkisson of RISER ADKISSON LLP, 100 Bayview Circle, Suite 210, Newport Beach, CA 92660, Ph: 949.200.7773, Fax: 877.698.0678, E-Mail: jay [at]


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